About us

Welcome to leo + cru!

leo + cru was born with the mission to provide a safe space for children to move freely, be curious, experiment and to get creative. Inspired by natural movement and free climbing, our vision was simple - we wanted to create strong, sturdy, beautifully crafted wooden climbers that look wonderful in homes and that our children could grow up with.

Our climbers allow children to build their gross motor skills, explore their limits, and climb and move independently to their hearts content in a safe environment. Every step they take on the climbers empowers them to think - yes, I can do this! Lessons that will stay with them until adulthood as they encounter new challenges in everyday life.

Our first crafted pikler set came to life under our sister brand, Bea & Bow, when we wanted to create a safe space to climb for our son (and nephew), an inquisitive explorer who had a natural urge to climb everything in the house! Since then, we have fine tuned our original product and have expanded the range for leo + cru to bring to you a collection of modular timber climbers inspired by Pikler, Waldorf and Montessori learning principles.

Using only premium European birch wood, our climbers are crafted with precision. Designed together with a team of master craftsmen, we sample and test our products rigorously to ensure they are built to the highest safety standards. Our signature Foldi Climber is CE certified, independently lab tested to EN71: 1, 2 and 3. Our products are designed with versatility and longevity of use in mind. Too often toys are a fleeting object that children grow out of quickly. Our climbers are built with years of use in mind, and some can even be upcycled to furniture items or play tables. Built to last, these beautiful pieces can one day be passed down to their next generation.

It is our honour to be a part of your children’s learning journey. We hope to continue creating innovative, high quality pieces, for your little explorers. 

Yen and Shin