LETO Artist Learning Tower
LETO Artist Learning Tower
LETO Artist Learning Tower

LETO Artist Learning Tower

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LETO Artist Learning Tower is the perfect learning tool for little ones. By raising children safely up to counter height, LETO develops your child's independence and nurtures their innate curiosity while helping children learn and explore the world around them. By allowing them to participate with parents and older siblings, we empower children to have a "I can do it" attitude while picking up practical life skills along the way. LETO Artist's added blackboard feature doubles up as a drawing chalkboard to allow your child to explore their creative side.

Made with our signature premium European birch wood, LETO is strong and sturdy, providing a safe way for little ones to reach a kitchen counter to watch parents prepare dinner, to the sink to wash their own hands, brush their teeth, or climb up to help with chores. Adjustable to 3 height levels, LETO grows with your child. 

Created to develop gross motor skills and inspire confidence to climb, conquer and challenge, Leo + Cru was created for your little ones to reach new heights at their own pace in a safe environment.

What is a learning tower?


Exposes children to more learning opportunities. Learning Towers are in line with the Montessori philosophy that children are capable of participating in everday tasks. Children learn tasks like preparing meals, baking, cleaning dishes and other practical life skills.


By raising them safely up to counter height, it gives children a chance to explore their surroundings independently.


Children thrive in environments that encourages them to be independent and fulfils their natural innate curiosity.


Children can climb in and out of a Learning Tower on their own, making it something that they can take ownership of. Raising them up to the same level as you allows them to participate and gives them ownership and choice over their own learning and activities.


    • Made using High Grade Premium European Birch Wood.
    • Protected with non-toxic child friendly satin varnish.
    • *Please do not leave your children unattended*. Always be at a safe distance to your child, just in case your little explorer needs a helping hand!
    • When in use, ensure LETO is always leaning against the counter top, sink, wall or other surfaces for safety.
    • Your child's hips should always be below the top railing
    • 3 adjustable height levels for product longevity - heights of 30, 40 and 50cm from the ground.
    • Weight limit tested to hold static weight of 65kg.
    • LETO dimension L40cm x W40cm x H86cm. Blackboard is 31cm in height.
    • Please allow a +/- 1cm height difference to the stated measurement
    • Items are shipped flat packed for easy self-assembly.

Safety Information

  • Never leave your child unsupervised. Always maintain within arm's reach to your child. 
  • When in use, ensure LETO must always be positioned fully against a solid structure such as the counter top, sink, wall or other surfaces for safety. LETO is designed to be used against such surfaces.
  • Your child's hips should always be below the top railing.
  • When changing platform height, please take apart the Tower to re-assemble at the desired height. Kindly avoid sliding the platform in and out to avoid damage to the paint layer. We will not be able liable for these damages.

Kindly note that natural wood grain patterns differ from product to product so each Climber will have its own unique wood patterns and colour. We love the uniqueness of each of our pieces and hope you will too! A difference in colour tone is not considered a defect.