Tilly Montessori Bookshelf
Tilly Montessori Bookshelf

Tilly Montessori Bookshelf

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Introducing the Tilly Montessori Bookshelf, a front-facing wonder designed to ignite your child's love for exploration and learning. With its thoughtfully designed front facing shelves and accessible height, children can access books with ease, creating an inviting reading atmosphere for children. The Tilly Bookshelf encourages children to interact with books independently, fostering a love for reading from an early age.

Crafted with premium European birch wood and finished with a child-safe, non-toxic varnish, the Tilly Montessori Bookshelf prioritizes safety and durability. Its sturdy construction ensures years of enjoyment, while its timeless design seamlessly integrates into any space. Includes wall mounting tools as an additional safety feature.

Inspired by the principles of Montessori education and a commitment to fostering holistic development, the leo + cru Tilly Montessori Bookshelf is more than just furniture – it's a gateway to a world of discovery, growth, and endless possibilities.


What is a Montessori Bookshelf?

A Montessori bookshelf is a specially designed piece of furniture aimed at fostering independence and promoting early literacy skills in children. Unlike traditional bookshelves, Montessori bookshelves are typically low to the ground, allowing young children easy access to books and encouraging them to choose and return books independently. These bookshelves often feature forward-facing shelves, making it easier for children to see and select books based on their interests. The Montessori approach emphasizes self-directed learning and hands-on exploration, and Montessori bookshelves are an integral part of creating an environment that supports these principles.

leo + cru's range of Timber Climbers and Furnitures are built to last, crafted with premium birch wood and finished with a child safe, non toxic, water based varnish.


  • Made using High Grade Premium European Birch Wood, independently tested to comply with EU chemical tests for toxicity.
  • Protected with non-toxic child friendly satin varnish.
  • Please do not leave your children unattended. Always be at a safe distance to your child, just in case your little explorer needs a helping hand!
  • Dimension L73 x H75cm x W40cm
  • Items are shipped flat packed for easy self-assembly. 
  • Bookshelf must be secured to the wall to prevent any tipping via our wall mounting accessories which is included in the box.

Safety Information

Tilly Montessori Bookshelf should always be secured to the wall. Never leave children unsupervised. We encourage children to explore the bookshelf independently, with adult supervision at a safe distance to assist when required.

Kindly note that natural wood grain patterns differ from product to product so each bookshelf will have its own unique wood patterns and colour. We love the uniqueness of each of our pieces and hope you will too! A difference in colour tone is not considered a defect.